Casio G-SHOCK remake

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Casio G-SHOCK remake

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More info

Are you fan of Casio G-SHOCK? Do you own one of them? We can remake your plastic watch to 100 % wooden watch.

We are not make watches for Casio company. We only remake cover of watches. We keep water restistance of watches and other original features.

Water resistance: Yes (it depends on type of watches)

Production: 3 weeks

Dimensions: same as original

How to do it?

  1. First step is check type of your watches. Our wooden cases support  GA 100 ; GA 110; GA 120
  2. Are you interested about visual of your watches? Try to find picture of your watches on the internet and upload it by button "UPLOAD PICTURE" . You are able to do the same by taking a picture of your own watches by your phone and upload it. 
  3. If you do not have dressmaker meter, you can take a piece of paper and wrap it around your wrist. Measure the paper as long as is comfortable for you - imagine that is your watch strap. Make a note on the paper and after measure lenght by a ruler. For your reference woman have on average 15-18cm whilst man 16-19cm.
  4. Send us our watches on address (after finishing your order): Wooden Tech s.r.o., Na Rybníčku 387/6, Liberec 46007.
  5. We let you know about accepting your watches. 


You lost original guarantee by remaking plastic case to wooden case. We recommend you to choose some old types of watches for remaking.


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