Wooden watch from ash skis

At the end of last year, one of organizers of Jizerska 50, a cross-country skiing company, called us with the classic technique of managing the production of watches that have something in common with this sport. We chose networks and soon we received two pieces of skis that did not make a couple. Age is estimated at 70 years. Interestingly, it was not clear beforehand whether downhill or cross-country skiing - for all occasions there was an ash-tree with an uncertain tie on the top of the shoe. Slope or run over the plain must have been a macaque.


The material obtained had more or less ideal dimensions. Although it was not a beam of 10x10x30 cm, which we would otherwise have cut to thinner scales, but the skis itself is almost formatted. We only need to align the side profile of the ski so that the body and the straps of the strap are not too crooked. The size of the watch, due to its purpose, has won the ATE model, which is designed for both women and men. Wooden ski watch production took 3 days.


The core of the Asian skis was totally untouched, we could have completely robbed them, looked like new and it would not be it! On the face side of the watch we admit an old varnished surface of skis. It was possible to preserve the authentic surface inside the watch, but who knows what the skies had been painting 70 years ago, so it will be more secure from the top. Following the appearance of the dial, we first tried a new design, but it did not fit into the whole concept. The best option was the old retro "classic" - Jizera 50 logo.

Unconventional materials?

This is not the first time we've made watches from unusual materials. Our collection of curiosities includes Jack Daniel's Oak Watch, Gothic Timber Watch, or Snowboard Watch. Do you have wood with which an interesting story is connected? Write to us, we'll talk somehow;)