Lifetime guarantee on
watches wooden body.

Designed and made in
the Czech Republic
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100 % Natural product.

We deliver to the entire world. 

Burning dedication on box, 
dial or back cover is free 
of charge.

About Us

Project was lauched in the end of the year 2014. In mid-2015 we realised what definitely fills us/make us happy - production of wooden watches. Our workroom in located in the north of Czech republic in city called Liberec. By purchasing our watch you will sustain the traditional Czech trade, that we want to preserve. In fact we are facing a huge competition from the cheap products made in the East.

We produce the following models at the moment : Ate grande, Ate, Atea, Tane, Tanea. But we accept also custom made orders. We love challenges related to extraordinary shapes, own wood plants.

We have an individuall attitude to the customer, you can just choose a shape, wood plant, "clock face" design, color of the hands and others.

We have a customer who brings wood by himself from his business trips and we can make unique timepieces for him. It is like a souvenir, which will be forever related to the place. We have been creating a watch from wood from an historical castle as well … and many other stories… the question is ...which story will be behind your watch?