1. Where do you create your awesome watches?

In Czech republic!! We have a workroom in a city called Liberec. The material - wood comes from different places around the world.

2. How long does it take to make one?

Well, it depends if you choose “standard” timepiece or one from the special edition or if you bring you own piece of wood and we will make your watch from it. We are able to made watch up to one month. 

3. From where do you take wood and other components, which I can see on watches?

Our watches are (comprehensive of) complete with wood, little engines and little screws.

Wood is coming mostly from local suppliers, always honestly dry. Dry wood is the best for making watches. We are also looking abroad, from where we obtain wood called - wengé, olive, morrocan tujia, teak and others. We have customers who bring wood by themself for example: from their business trips or holidays, and we make unique timepieces for them. Text us if you are interested!
. Can you make the watch of my dreams? Can you make a watch that fits me?

Yes! You can choose your watch from our catalogue. We have different models for woman and man. Price includes all kind of laser engraving on deal or caseback.

5. I want to have a watch, that is not in your catalogue, can you make it for me?

Sure, instead of the standard laser engraving on deal or caseback, we can engrave any kind of motiv or text on the whole surface of the watch. From now onwards you can combine more types of wood. If you choose to have your personalised watch you will need to pay an additional 500kc. You can get inspired by people who already own our watch Wooden land.

A second option is to create a completely new watch. With this variant we have to collaborate with you, because we will need your help. We will need you to send us a scratch of the watch you would like, so that on the basis of that, we can create a prototype and test it (like we tested our models in our catalogue). To create a completely new watch can take up to 6 weeks. After we can include the new unique watch within our classic models or we will promise that only you will have this model - like first and last owner.

6. How will you deliver my watch? What is the shipping policy?

You can pick your watch direcly in Liberec or Prague, this is the best way to ensure that your new watch comes in your hands in perfect conditions. You never know how postman will wake up. :D But we do trust to Czech post and also we will send you your watch by Czech post to any destination abroad. All delivery is free of charges!!

7. Do you deliver abroad?

Of course! Even down under on the other side you do need to know what time it is or are we wrong? But please be patient, because it will take a bit longer to deliver.

8. Do I have any warranty?

We are giving lifetime warranty. It could happen that some pieces of your watch broke, or get damaged etc. This is the reason why we have lifetime warranty.

9. Can I exchange or refund if the watch will not fit me well?

Yes! If you order your watch online, you have 14 days to return (and we ll refund you) or you can exchange  them for a different piece. If you are facing this issue now feel free to write directly to us.

10. I would like to give watch as a gift, what shall I do?

You can choose one of our standard man or woman models or you can choose some special model as well. But the best way is to let the receivers to choose by themself - we need to measure the wrist, so that we know how long the strap should be. So what shall you do? The best option is to give gift voucher!

11. Is your watch waterproof?

Your watch is splash and water resistant, but not waterproof. For example, you may wear and use your watch in the rain and while washing your hands, but not for diving.

12. I have a very sensitive skin, can I wear your watch?

Yes. Differently from other metals, the wood is an hypoallergenic material, so you can wear you watch every day, all day.  In addition our watches are very light, so in the end of the day you will not feel you wrist heavy.

13. What special care should I give to my watch?

None in particular, our watch do not need any special care. However, you could polish the surface of your watch once per month with some drops of olive oil, the wood will look glossy and shiny afterwards.

14. How shall I ideally measure my wrist, so that the watch will fit me?

If you do not have dressmaker meter, you can take a piece of paper and wrap it around your wrist. Measure the paper as long as is comfortable for you - imagine that is your watch strap. Make a note on the paper and after measure lenght by a ruler. For your reference woman have on average 15-18cm whilst man 16-19cm.