The Production of Czech wooden watches 

1. The Order

The process begins with the customer placing an order through either our e-shop, Facebook, or through a personal a meeting with one of our representatives. As producers of the watch, we allow our customers to fully unleash their imagination. We can combine different types of wood, dials, numbers and much more. If you do not like to experiment, we recommend basic models that can be found in the men's and women's section. The most important part of the ordering process is having the correct wrist measurement. The watches are tailor-made, therefore we ask that prior to ordering, you measure your wrist such that it represents how you want your future watch to fit. If you like to wear your watch a little loose, loosen the measuring tape and vice versa. It is possible that the watch might not fit exactly as it should. If necessary, we will adjust the strap.

2. Creating the Design

At the customer's request, we are able to design a completely new watch. We are also open to the customer’s inventiveness if they want to draw up a design of their own watch and we will make that design come to life.

3. Selection of Material

At the customer’s request, we will start making the specified type of wood and other components. Our selection features a wide range of wood, including: Exotic: olive tree, wenge, rosewood, mopane; Historic: oak beam from Tolštejn Castle (14th century AD), swamp oak (8000 years of "maturing in the swamp" ); Domestic: beech, oak, cherry , plum. The customer also has the option of using their own wood for the production. Our workshop currently does not have a technique to cut planks or logs into thin boards, so we will leave this professional activity to experienced local carpenters.

4. Scuplting the Watch

We currently offer four basic models. Round: ATE GRANDE, ATE, ATEA . Square: TANE, TANEA. We use a CNC milling machine to help us cut precise curves. Do not worry that your watch will come out finished after we put the timber, glass, hands, crowns, etc. into the machine... . :) The process still requires an overwhelming amount of manual labor.

5. Grinding and Drilling of the Components 

The round pieces of the strap and the watch case are finished off with a belt sander or a hand-milling machine. In the case of more delicate jobs, this can be done manually with sandpaper.

6. Adding in the Important Parts

After the workshop is back in its dust-free state, we then start adding the mineral glass watch, the watch system, hands, seals, necks and then we potentially take the draft to custom engraving through the use of a CO2 laser. The heart of the watch is the Japanese watch system MIYOTA which is commonly used in a number of world famous brands. We are able to incorporate mechanical watch systems into the watches as well.

7. Production of Leather Straps

The leather straps are made of Vegal-quality cowhide. We treat the skin with special dyes and finishes. The production time for a hand-sewn strap is 8 hours. The production sequence can be seen here:

8. Finalization

After the watch has been created, we let it run for 24 hours to ensure that you receive a fully functional watch. The last step is putting the watch inside a box with our logo. The whole process takes up to 30 days. The timing will depend on the type of wood, movements, dials and other parts of the watch.

Whole process spends 30 days.